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Price is going up!!

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Got back from competion last night. What an incredible place to learn. I hope to have pictures available late tonight or tomorrow for the Deer, Coyote (OM), and Goose that I entered this year.

I have always struggled with pricing. I have always felt that my customer work is great for the price. I have always believed that my pricing is holding down my volume. I have had a couple of the largest shops in the state note that my work is better than a lot of shops in operation. I do want to control my volume in order to allow for reasonable turn-around and ample free time as this is a second job for me.

My customer work has reached a level equal to entry level competition. I am now satisfied that my customer work will rival that of most shops in the state.

Special to MS members: Check your freezers, sheds, basements, etc. for the antlers and/or capes that you have been thinking about getting a shoulder mount. Current price is $250, if you need a cape add $100. Let me know before June 1.

Price is going to at least $350 after June 1.

I have had six members bring seven whitetails and a Texas Dahl in the last two years.
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That is the coolest goose mount I've seen. I'd love to get one in that position and have a sentry standing over her :)
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