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Price is going up!!

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Got back from competion last night. What an incredible place to learn. I hope to have pictures available late tonight or tomorrow for the Deer, Coyote (OM), and Goose that I entered this year.

I have always struggled with pricing. I have always felt that my customer work is great for the price. I have always believed that my pricing is holding down my volume. I have had a couple of the largest shops in the state note that my work is better than a lot of shops in operation. I do want to control my volume in order to allow for reasonable turn-around and ample free time as this is a second job for me.

My customer work has reached a level equal to entry level competition. I am now satisfied that my customer work will rival that of most shops in the state.

Special to MS members: Check your freezers, sheds, basements, etc. for the antlers and/or capes that you have been thinking about getting a shoulder mount. Current price is $250, if you need a cape add $100. Let me know before June 1.

Price is going to at least $350 after June 1.

I have had six members bring seven whitetails and a Texas Dahl in the last two years.
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I too went to the show itwas really nice, congrats on your ribbon. I am glad to see your price is going up. This is art and not everybody can do it so charge what it is worth. Iwould have to get 350.00 for shoulder mount 450 for life size coyote mount if I was doing it for money and that is cheep for lower mich. I just do it for myself so far. Keep up the good work and maybe I will meet you some day at a meeting or show.

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