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Presque Isle 6/16

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Ran out of presque isle this morning, like a ghost town, only one other boat to fight for water this morning, til about 8 or so, then a couple more boats showed up:D Ended up going 6 for 7, all lakers (not complaining). Couldn't find any silvers to save our life, hot color was bloody nose off a rigger set at 75, in 110 fow. Also picked up two fish on a half core, one on monkey puke, one on yellowtail. Nice morning all in all, water was like glass. After we got our 4th laker, we pulled all the lines up high, hoping for a salmon or two, not two minutes later, the left rigger popped, and we only had it down 20ft. I'd have bet the farm it was a salmon, just another laker. GOt them sitting in a brine right now, awaiting a 2 hour smoke bath tomorrow.
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yum yum where exactly is it that you're at on hubbard lake? i think i smell some smoke coming from doctors point, i'll be right over! i thought that you would be in that lincoln lions tournament in harrisville. good going on the fish
tight lines and sure knots!
DZM, We're on the west side, about 15 cabins from the bayview rentals but your smell must be good, because they are smoking at my house in Lake Orion right now. :D Nah, I can't fish out of Harrisville, from all the stuff you've told me, its to far a run to fishable water, PI gets deep pretty fast, and when you're boat isn't very big, thats a good thing. Did you fish in the lincoln tourney?
well with that prevailing west wind we have up here doctors point and you are pretty much inline with me coming down swede road. no i wasn't in the fishing tournament i wasn't even aware of it. i'll be going out of blackriver for the rest of the summer looking for the silvers. it is half the distance of harrisville and gets me into some silver usually, you just have to watch out for the NETS and some other fishermen and women.
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