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Pradco Excalibur Rotating Trebles

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Spring is right around the corner, and I was looking at my jerk and stick baits the other day. Quite a few of them could use a hook replacement due to my penchant for frequent sharpening. I cant find Excalibur Rotating Trebles in packages of any more than a dozen this year. Has anyone seen them in 100 packs or grosses, sizes 2 and 4? Thanks.
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Here's the largest packs I could find, directly from Pradco.
20 packs, they also have them in saltwater.

Hey Paul, do you notice an advantage to using those? Anyone else can feel free to respond to that question as well.
Yes, I do belileve there is a significant difference. They are a lot stronger than the hooks that come on Rapalas, but are still a light enough wire that they don't impede the lures action. They also seem to hold better on critters with bony mouths.
Thanks guys, the biggest I had found was a 12 pack. :)
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I like them and use them for tip-ups as well as for threading minnows/alewives/smelt for trolling.
If you can find them they are worth the money. Im having troubble finding good deals on them around here too. I bent some pretty sharp hooks at the same angles and am hoping they work the same without weakening.
i dont know how many come in a pack but ithink what are the best trebles are ones that have been twisted in away i have it in one of my crank baits and i examened it and it seeme if a fish bites it will jerk itself. i have seen in wallmart packs of 5-25 prices from .99 cents to $2.00 not that bad give the hooks i described above a try thought they just might work
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They work great! Try them, youll like them.
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