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power auger question

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i just recently sold my power auger. ive been looking at the strikemasters,jiffys,and eskimos. they all seem to be in the same price range and motor size im just wondering what does everyone prefer on here? how does the composite handles hold up on the new strikemasters? any help would be great
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Well I've got an Eskimo that I bought a couple of years ago. Actually it's a post hole digger but last Fall I ordered an ice bit for it. Figured I might as well use it for icefishing during the Winter when I'm not building decks. Mine is a 2 hp and I got the 8" bit for it. It works great ! I'm very happy with mine. It's got plenty of power and it isn't too heavy.-
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had mine for 18 years i have a 10 inch auger and a 8 inch
always use the 10 inch replaced the sparkplug 2 years ago:eek:
happy drilling
oh ,, i used it the first ten years fishing with 4 brothers and 10
tip-ups :D :D :D

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i got a strikemaster with composite handle last christmas so far it has held up well and it is a little lighter.
Jpollman,My friend has an Earthquake(made by Eskimo)that he is looking to get an ice auger for it .My question is instead of ordering one from the company is there a place here in Michigan that sells them,I think the part # is QT8N and the model is 8900 .If any one can find out anything I sure would appreciate it...I have looked all over the net and can't find anything locally....
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I couldn't find one locally either. The part # is QT8N. I got it through The Country Store on the net. Their price was pretty fair and shipped fast. I think they're in Minnestota or Wisconsin. I'll track down the addy for you and post it.
I work at TSC in Imlay and can get one ordered. They are 109.00 plus shipping (7.50). I ordered one last week for a guy and it showed up yesterday. He also purchased extra blades that were around 16 bucks.


Here's a link to The County Store's web site. (actually the page with the replacement augers)

Eskimo replacement ice augers

Good luck.

WOW, Ken $109 ?! They're only $79 through Country Store !

That site isn't laid out very well. There should be a link to the home page or a "contact us" link but there isn't. Here's a link with the address and phone numbers to contact them.

The Country Store
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Jpollman,Hey thanks alot 79.99 is 10 bucks cheaper that what Eskimo has listed on thier web site.I'll have to get a hold of the country store to see about shipping .........Thanks again I really appreciate it,you've been very helpfulll.....Gary
No problem Gary, glad to help out. I'm fairly certain that shipping is only about $7 or $8. And even with that, you'll still be $10 cheaper than Eskimo beacause they are going to charge you shipping also.

Good luck and get ready to hit the ice !
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