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post your sled pics!!!

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well sitting here waiting for some snow in the mid-michigan area....its raining right now... i now there is snow up north but cant make it up there till mid jan. so until then i thought to myself id really like to see some of the other members sleds just to get that snow bug biting even worse
here's my two sleds the foreground is my 1999 polaris 800xcr and the ski-doo is a 2001 mxzf 500. i like having one for cruising and one for ripping up those deep woods trails!

at least i got to put about 20 miles on em on christmas until we wore the 4-5 inches down to snirt
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hey ozgood, is the pink one your girlfriends?

glad you got 20 miles so far. i have not heard of anyone riding much yet. i am waiting to measure snow in feet rather than inches.

Hey man how ya doin? Good to see you online.

- Kevin
doin good..:D
hey nice sleds to all. hey ozzgood i just sold my xcr a great machine. and for fastrnu nice sled i was looking at on just like it but sonic blue but instead i got a 2002 xcsp 700.
My Doo for you.
She will be getting her first 500-600 miles on her the next 3-4 days.


Unfortunately, THIS is ALL I can afford at this point .... :D
(or should that be :( )

'99 Yamaha SX--pics not the greatest though

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