I am looking to rehome my father's German shepherd. My father recently fell and broke his hip and his German Shepherd will be too much for him to handle and no family members are in a position to take the dog in.

A bit of information on my Dad's Dog Shep:.

• Gender: Male
• Location: Michigan
• Status: In tact
• Age: 4
• House Broke: Yes
• Temperament:
• Not Aggressive
• Easily Excitable
• Some Anxiety (although I think this is due to the current situation of being away from my father and his home)
• I had the dog in my care for few weeks and we were prescribed Trazedone to help with his anxiety
• Loves to be outside. Fenced in yard would be ideal.
• Medical: Up to date on all shots (records will be provided)

• Background: My father got his dog as a puppy 4 years ago and lived up north. The dog was both an indoor and outdoor dog with minimal training, sit, lay, speak, and is house broke. The dog's typical day was lounging around the house with my dad as it was just the two of them. However, the dog was never properly leash trained and pulls very hard on a leash and He is very excitable around new people and has a tendency to wine in those situations.

Shep would need to go to a house with someone with experience with the breed and willing to dedicate time to improve upon the minimum obedience training he has. After my Father's initial fall, I had him for about three weeks and was able make considerable improvement on a leash using a pinch collar and treats. I had initially started with a heeling stick with taps to the chest and rear end to get him to sit, however I quickly learned that treats and positive reinforcement work much better with this dog.

If you know of any shelters, fosters, or other people that may be interested please feel free to call. A rehoming fee will apply as I need to ensure he goes to a safe and willing home.

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