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Possible Hunting Preserve

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I'm not sure if this is the place to post, but here goes.

I had planned on raising a large amount of quail to train my GSPs on. I have several different farm lands available to me in the Gladwin, Bay and Arenac Counties. Unfortunately, I was on the DNR web site yesterday looking around (unsuccessful turkey permit!) and noticed that there is no quail hunting allowed north of Saginaw County unless on a preserve.

Question 1:
Did I read that wrong? Will I be able to release/hunt quail in those areas?

Question 2:
Would it be a waste of my time and money to start a preserve for my own training and hunting? I wouldn't really want to start a business or anything too in depth. I just want to run my dogs without having to pay every time I run them in the fields.

I appreciate any advice or information that anyone can give me.
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First off you could use quail on a preserve. The problem is even with a preserve license you cannot use any resident gamebird, such as pheasant or quail during the quiet season from april 15th to july 15th. You can use chucker, pharoah quail, hungarian partridge or pigeons during the quiet season. It takes quite a bit of work to get a preserve license, such as approval from the township, approval from any nearby residents & things like that. My suggestion would be to call Jim Janson in lansing at the DNR & have him send you a special dog training permit application. You can basically do the same thing as a preserve license except it's for you only & not commercial. You don't have to get any approvals from local authorities & it's cheap. Then all you need is to raise non gamebirds & train all summer
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You cannot use Hun's during the off season either. Not sure why but it is in the guide lines as a native bird.

Back Woods
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