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Oh man!!! What a morning!!

Steve and I took off about 4am and met some freinds at the Port Sheldon launch this morning. We actually had low expectations and we were very surprised!! We blasted out to that 300 foot range and just flat tore up the fish. Could not keep a line in the water. We boxed 6 kings all in that 19-23 lb range and ended up running a high line pattern for some steel and played catch and release on those until our arms got tired. It did not matter what you put in the water......Our final tally? 7 Kings and 11 Stealhead .It was so incredi..............Mark............Mark!!.........Dang it Mark!!!................ MARK!!! WAKE UP!!! YOUR Dreaming again..... Aw crap!!!!

Yep,, a pipe dream.....

Steve and I launched by 6:45 and looked at 60' and with the hard east wind it was a little bumpy for me. We headed for Holland thinking that we would work the pier heads and any mud line they may have. We set up north of that pier and worked 27-40' of water firing out the thumper rod with a meat rig, 3 spin doctors and flies and a half core with glow and a 2 color with a bumble bee. We took one hit on the thumper at 40' and it was one and off. After playing with that area and no results, we heard 2 other fish caught in the area on the radio, we walked it out to 100' changing to full cores and shoving stuff to the bottom looking for a laker. There was a 1 degree break at the pier heads, but at 40' it was 47 degrees. At a 100, it was 45. 25 down it was 42 and at 30 down it was 39....Now that is cold! We never marked a fish all the way out nor did we mark any bait fish. As the waves started to build and getting in that 9:30 range and no fish in the boat, we pulled lines and went to explore the bubblers and the Port Sheldon piers. We put out a high program with body baits and small spoons and took 5 passes over the bubblers where we had a 2 degree temp break, marking a few bait fish but few hooks. took a swing past the piers with the same results. Wrapped up the boat and was on the trailer by 11:30 headed for breakfast.

A few observations.....

I can count on one hand how many times I have not caught fish over the last 10 years....today I now have to use 2 hands.....

We marked very little bait fish. With the water being this cold and the east wind not helping, if one can find some bait fish, one will find the fish. We need some warm water.

I firmly believe a meat program needs to be be ran. I have spoke with serveral today up and down the coast and the common thread was a few fish were being caught and about 50% of the reports were on meat.

I wish we could of explored that 200-300 foot range. I got to beleive that fish are out there somewhere but again the east wind make for running out there a bit of a challange.

I have no clue where we are fishing in the am, well I do, but no matter what one does, the fishing is going to be a challange.

We did have some reports and there was some fish being caught at the 50-60 mark and out to 150. Nothing earth shaking but some fish were being found.

Sorry for the dismal report, but I think that until the water sets up a bit better, we are in for some tough slugging.

See everyone in the Am.


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Fished today from about 7am to 2pm. Long day for three fish.

1 King in 150 FOW 45 down on rigger blue jackal moonshine spoon. fish was about 12 inches long. This fish was 1/2 lbs.

1 chuby pooper in 70 FOW on a blue bubble spinny and glow squinchee fly. Dipsy set on three 75 feet back. This fish was about 3 lbs.

1 King in 60 FOW same set up as chubby greasey pooper. This fish was 8 1/2 lbs.

We were fishing south of the Port Sheldon Peir.
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