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Pond Hogs with the Bear

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Hit the pond around 4pm on Wednesday, 2/4. Found a slight wind out of the west, with the temps hovering in the teens. The sun was high and the water was slightly colored.

We set up in 12 fow, working chartruse/silver spoons, tipped with shiners just 3-4 inches off the bottom. We didn't tear them up, but did manage 9 big fish. 3 of them were over 13", with one over 14". We fished until 7:00pm and did not get another bite after the sun went down.

I was shocked at the number of vehicles out on the ice...scary!

This was my first time out for perch through the ice this year and what a blast. I must add a day on the water, hard or soft, with Darrin is always a day to remember.....Thanks for the great friendship Polar Bear!!!!

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