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Are you for or against the NRC deciding to implement HC 4/4 without going through the

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    Votes: 18 58.1%
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    Votes: 13 41.9%
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Tornado Jim
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Are you for or against the NRC deciding to implement HC 4/4 without going through the process required for Mandatory Antler Point Restrictions?

The Natural Resources Commission (NRC) has responded to the Southern Lower Peninsula Deer Management Initiative (SLP DMI) by stating that they would, “feel more comfortable” if the HC 4/4 proposal were to follow the Mandatory Antler Point Restriction process. This process would require SLP DMI to do several things not limited to those described below.

1. Make a formal proposal to the MDNR by September 1, 2012.
2. Fund a survey at a cost to SLP DMI of several thousand dollars payed by August 2013.
3. Obtain 66% support (super majority) from the survey.
4. If passed, the proposal would not be implemented until the fall of 2014 and for a (5) year trial period.
5. After the (5) year trial period (2019) the survey would be repeated and would require 66% support for permanent implementation.

On two occasions, the NRC has approved Hunter's Choice without requiring the Mandatory Antler Point Restriction Process.

The SLP DMI is petitioning the NRC to exercise their authority granted to them by the Michigan Senate under the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act (NREPA) Act 451 of 94, Part 401, item 3. The NRC can then direct the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to modify restrictions to the current “Combination Deer License”.

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I didn't vote because your question is limited to one certain issue. I do not believe that it is correct to let the hunting population vote on management issues. I'd rather see NRC management decisons based on sound biologiocal input.
For example if you put it up for a vote in the NeLP, baiting would be legal in the blink of an eye. I am not sure that would be the right thing to do either.
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