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Scottville to consider burial rates, ramp engineer

By JENNIFER MILLER, Daily News Staff Writer

SCOTTVILLE — The city commission has a lot of business to cover when commissioners meet Monday, including issues dealing with cemetery burials, choosing an engineer to help upgrade the public boat launch, and new design ideas for MacPhail Field.

After a meeting of the Parks and Recreation Committee this week, City Manager Amy Hansen and at least two members of the three-member committee will recommend the commission hire engineering firm Prein & Newhof to design upgrades to the public boat launch.

Hansen said of the seven proposals received, the committee narrowed the choices to four, then she called references to learn more about the companies being considered. She said Prein & Newhof’s proposal will cost more, but is more detailed about the services the city would receive.

“Other plans were more open in terms of costs,” Hansen said. “And I got glowing reports about the work this division of Prein & Newhof has done.”

The city has also worked with Prein & Newhof on the engineering of the regional sewer project, however, Hansen said a different office of the company would be involved in the marine design.

Also on Monday’s agenda are a few business items involving Riverside Park. Park rangers Dale and Donna Petersen have turned in their resignation, stating they will be leaving the positions due to excessive work hours, having to use their own equipment for upkeep in the park, and the rate of pay.

Hansen will recommend that the commission advertise the position to hire someone new before the camping season begins in a few months. She will also suggest that the commission devise a written description of the park ranger job. She said the job description may have to be revised depending on who is hired.

A subcommittee of the Parks and Recreation committee was formed to review the job description, and to review the camping information sheet which is given to each camper when they check in. The committee is suggesting adding a mission statement to the information sheet, as well as revising the refunds and reservations policies and the enforcement procedures used by the rangers.
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