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Plugging rods

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I'm looking to get a set of plugging rods and I figured I would ask all of your for your suggestions. I don't want to break the bank but want nice rods. I have a set already but feel like they are to stiff and pull the hook on the strike. Thanks for any input
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I’m Adams buddy with the plug rods, I’ll get the plug rod models for you and pricing. Both are great, I have three of each. I also have three okuma low profile line counter reels. I’m not a professional on bait casters, but two of them have something up with the drag when you reel. But they work just fine, we caught a lot of fish on them. I was going to have a buddy check them out, but I’d make you a deal if interested!
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I’m in Chicago right now for work but I’m working on getting the models for you man.
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