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Please help

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Alright I'm lost here. I have a short haired yellow lab. Raised one just like it before, and he was the best duck dog. God rest his soul, he would do triple retrives. :( Even took him to MSU. Kidnney failure.
So from the pound, my ex-wife brough this dog home, same type, yellow short hair. He is neutered, but for the life of me I can not get him to want to retrive ducks. He will get any small game I shoot. Excellant with my chidren, have to keep him.
Well at this point I am so financaly out of whack, I really can't spend what I did on the other dog.
Any tips you guys have out there are so appreciated. Ex has all my decoys, training supplies, etc. What is my best option(s)?
But I have the dog and my 12 gauge. :)
Jeffrey Sr
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Dog is 2 years. Will stick next to me in the woods. If I shoot something, he will stay until I tell him to get it. Dog does not like water, go figure. Basics are pretty good. He will retrieve a dummy on land. Cant get him to go in the water.
Branta- Thanks for the advice. As far as feathers in the mouth, that he will recieve. Have duck on a board in freezer. From the humane society, lady my ex knew, while looking for her lost lab. Guess he was going to be put down. People got rid of him because of the "puppy stage", and i guess they got tired of beating him. She found her dog, hence ex brought this one home. Thank God possesion is 9/10th's. LOL. My other lab had to be put down 2 months earlier, due to kiddney failure. Even took him to MSU. Hell of a dog. Triple retrieves. When I installed wireless fencing, he freaked due to the coller/reciever. Took me about 8 weeks, instead of 2 weeks to let him know it was OK, and not run from the coller when he saw it, and hide in a corner. I think perhaps this is why he may not want to get in the water. Was shocked too much? Im positive he hard a horrific experiance with a coller. Can not be hard on him though. Took 8 months to even get him in the field without shaking. I guess I am curious if he will be able to hunt ducks.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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