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Please help

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Alright I'm lost here. I have a short haired yellow lab. Raised one just like it before, and he was the best duck dog. God rest his soul, he would do triple retrives. :( Even took him to MSU. Kidnney failure.
So from the pound, my ex-wife brough this dog home, same type, yellow short hair. He is neutered, but for the life of me I can not get him to want to retrive ducks. He will get any small game I shoot. Excellant with my chidren, have to keep him.
Well at this point I am so financaly out of whack, I really can't spend what I did on the other dog.
Any tips you guys have out there are so appreciated. Ex has all my decoys, training supplies, etc. What is my best option(s)?
But I have the dog and my 12 gauge. :)
Jeffrey Sr
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Im not exspert on dogs. Far from it to tell the truth but Im slowly training my dog.
I know the guys here will be able to help you but they are going to need more information. Start at the begining. How old is the dog? How is the dogs basics? Will he sit and stay till sent on a retrieve. Will be retrieve a dummy on land in water? Both sight retrieves? Blind retrieves?
You said he will retrieve small game you shot how so? Give us more detail and I am sure you will get lots of help. These guys are always great and have helped me alot with my dog and other projects.
out of curiousity I went to the library here in town and looked for the book Branta mentioned. I found Game Dog but its actually the book turned into a training vidio. I Really liked it and its been helpful already. Reading how to is one thing but seeing it done is great it really helps you put it together. There were a few items that directly contadicted the training book I had been going off of but I guess its just a mater of taking what you feel is right for the dog you are training and going with it.
Anyway great sujestion.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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