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Last summer on an impulse buy I purchased a sub $200 FDM 3d Printer from Amazon. I printed the normal trinkets and quickly lost interest with it until seeing something on the news about 3d printed guns.

This lead me down a rabbit hole that leads to here.

After years of building 80% lowers, custom barreling rifles and even making a few of my own wildcats I had become pretty bored with my gun hobby and after doing some research I was ready to explore something new.

Here is V2 of what I refer too as the Plastic Blaster . I have approx 400 rounds thru this verison with some hiccups. V3 is in the works

There is a very large open source community online that I sourced cad files and ideas from

Hoffman Tactical Standard Lower with a LPK from Palmetto and the hose clamp and bolts from TSC. I left the lower design untouched and just printed it.

The upper and bolt assembly started as the EZ22. There were some areas for improvement that I saw so I redesigned both pieces. The original design utilized 22 bullets for weight and I changed it to work with tungsten rod. It also used rubber bands for the recoil spring and I designed a spacer to use a compression spring in the buffer tube.
The firing pin is an M3x55 SHCS with a spring from a pen.

The barrel and barrel nut are my design as well. The barrel as a 22LR barrel liner epoxied into a 18" barrel sleeve. When done the barrel was chambered with a #1 carbide drill be. 22lr reamers are expensive.

Magazine is an open source 22LR mag that uses rubber bands .

Drill Wood Jig grinder Flooring Gas

Wood Gas Machine Electric blue Composite material

Lower parts kit in Lower.
Bicycle part Trigger Wood Air gun Gun accessory

Bolt and upper design. V1 had some firing pin issues with the pin bending if dry fired due to a fail to feed. Seems to be resolved

Fixture Wood Door Gas Electric blue

Cylinder Gas Electric blue Auto part Machine

Barrel and feed ramp. V1 had a feed ramp integrated to the barrel sleeve. When it failed I had to spend hours grinding off the barrel sleeve. V2 is replaceable but breaks occasionally. V3 will be a different material
Wood Gas Engineering Electric blue Auto part

Outside of initial printer calibration and a learning curve, there is close to 100 hours of print time in the gun. Total build cost for material, lpk and barrel sleeve was just under $150. Will be taking it squirrel hunting this winter.
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