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Plan for Thursday?

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Hey Guys - I'm planning to get out Thursday and wanted to see if anyone knew if the Calahan Reef area might be any good.
With winds from the North for the past few days, will that have pushed some colder water down into the Inner Bay? I know the area just E of Calahan isn't very deep, but with a forecast for N-NE winds I thought it might be less bumpy there.
What are your thoughts?

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It's awfully quiet out there.

No input?
Well - it depends on which weather guy you listened to.
Accuweatrher was calling for N at 7-10 with gusts to 15.
Saginaw, Michigan Aviation said it would be 3-5 out of the NNE, increasing to 8 in the afternoon.
WeatherUnderground won the prize for closest to reality with NE at 10.

I was prepared for the bugs since I was hoping it would be calmer than it was. We never saw a bug and caught 3 keeper walleyes in 24 FOW. Couldn't find fish in the shallower water.
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