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Pine River info?

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I just moved from Bay City to Linwood area(near Franks Great Outdoors)last fall, and I'm looking at fishing for perch after ice out in Pine River area out from palmer rd. I hear this can be good in spring, can anyone share some info with me as to how deep of water, and whats best bait to try. I only have a 14' aluminum, and plan to launch at Pine River. Any advise would be great:D Feel free to PM. Looking to be regular local to this area, love perch. Would even take someone out with helpful info. Won't disclose any secrets if told in confidence..........Thanks.....Ralph
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Hey Ralph, I'm from the Linwood area and would love to do some perch fishing. I cant tell you much about the Palmer rd area(cause I dont fish there) but if you need a partner to go try find em I'm available. Been ready for a perch dinner for a long time!!!:D
Ralph I was just thinking about that on the drive home in the rain tonite. I heard it depends on how much rain we get wether you can get a boat out the Pine. Most take waders in case they have to drag out the river. I got a 14 too and I'm going to try it this spring also. Maybe see you out there this spring. BAYDOG
BayDoggy - Do You think the Sylvan will make it over the shallow water at the mouth :D ? I'm ready to try, Perch dinner sounds good to Me. Won't be long! Bob WC#253.
I only went up there for perch once and that was 2 years ago. There were a ton of people there and all of the fish were small. Not to mention it was a little disheartening watching the comercial guys going out with the nets.
I don't know about last year but 2 years ago straight out from palmer rd. they slayed the big ones.The boats were just off from from the ditch.Tons of small ones in the ditch but the jumbos were just out of the shore fishermans reach.

Chamook we can try getting your Lund pro-v at top speed and plow a channel out the river.:p Then I know we can get my Sylvan out there. Chamook we will try dragging mine out there but the old man will have to get out and help, I can't carry around dead weight all day. Talk to you later, BAYDOG
BayDog - Hanen't polished the prop on the Opti yet, let's go for it :eek: !!!!! Also, I know I can pull My weight, but I don't know about pullin' Your carcass around tho :D ! Ah - for Perch fillets, I'd pull a freighter over the sand ! If You want to hit the "cuts" tommorow, give Me a call. Lou and I are going to Marion Springs to work the dogs today. Bob.
Thanks for info fellas, can't wait to fry up some of those fillets myself. This spring should be good in the cuts out quanicasee way with all this run off we're getting. The perch should make it up stream quite aways. I bet they even come back up kitchen rd. this year. I'll be checking that in a couple days. Thanks again. If you can give me any other places to try Snappy, I'd appreciate it. I'm between Prevo and Kitchen rds. on Mackinaw right straight through woods from Franks Great Outdoors. I'll get ahold of ya when I get the boat ready here. Probobly within next 2 weeks.
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