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Had a chance to hit the pier again last night before the wind and rain chased us off the pier head. We got settled in a little after 8 and placed the set line. Just about 9 we hook up another of those incredible Northern Pike, this time it was larger yet than the previous 4 in days past that we have caught. It was 34 inches and about 10 lbs. (picture maybe yet today). Could only handle about an hour and half on the pier head when the wind shifted and could no longer throw our casting bait less than 75 feet off the pier and wind and rain starting to drive. We took a hike to the other end of the pier not knowing what to expect. Nothing legal that we kept, but we got 1 eye, 1 large mouth, and one break off.

Again, thanks Martin for the bait - 1 left in the bag, and loads of fun. I never had so much fun catching Northerns and flaying them with the enjoyment of eating a very tasteful fish without the "Y" bones. Yum, Yum Yum. Bring on the Northerns.

Was out of town and did not answer the posts from previous fishermen on other post. PM me, and I did answer them for any other questions. Thumper
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