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Pic of this morning's bunny.

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Went 1 for 2, but the first shot I shouldn't have even taken, it was in thick brush. I have 3 .22's and they are all mis-firing, so I took the single shot .410, don't think I'll use them .22's anymore. Anyone else use a .410 for bunnies or anything else?

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looks like a savage model 66 in your hands i have 12 and 20 in those guns
I use a .410 for bunnies. I absolutely love it. I have a Rossi youth model that weighs 3.5 lbs. It is great for throwing over your shoulder and hitting the brush. With a little practice you can be very accurate with it.
Your right on! You sure know your guns! I'm very surprised you can even tell with that picture. That was the first gun I ever hunted pheasant with. I think my dad gave it to me when I was about 12. I'm 38 now and still hunt with it. Are you 20 and 12 single shot?
ive used a 410 before and loved it. Im8 miles east of milan we need to get together sometime and run my beagles
I'm going out this morning with my uncle to run his beagles in Saline! I have 18 acres behind my house if you want to try and get together and run yours (or where ever you prefer).
No pics this time...too lazy I guess! Got four more bunnies out in Macon at a pig farm. Had one run right between me and my uncle, I thought it was one of the dogs coming back around, turns out it was a bunny 10 feet from me! What a blast! missed on three, but I got 2 and my uncle got 2.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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