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Photos on my home page

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I've posted a few good outdoors pictures on my personal website. Check them out at www.angelfire.com/mi2/huntingandfishing

Steve B.
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Thanks for sharing with us Steve B.
Nice site. May god bless your brother.
Thanks guys, I like folks to see my pictures that Lycos won't let me post here. They have a blocking screen on their servers. I'll have to break down and learn how to post them the other way.
Thanks Steve. <----<<<
Damn fine photos, Steve.... and I especially enjoyed the tribute to your brother.


VEGETARIAN: Indian word meaning 'Bad Hunter'
Nice site!!!!!!howd u make it

Stelmon, the only one.
Becareful out there..
Thank you for sharing your website with us. The memorial to your brother is a very nice addition.

Best Regards,

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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