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Photos - Houghton Lake 12-27

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19 Bluegills, 18 Crappies, biggest gill was 9 inches. Biggest crappie was 13 inchies.
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Way to go Big Shooter that s nice catch...Matt
Real nice mess of fish! If the temps don't start taking a dive I may have to head north.

nice mess of fish.

thanks for the report...i was curious to know how the fishing was up there.
Nice catch, hope to be up there this week-end.
Nice mess of fish Bigshooter! What a difference a day makes.I met Mountainman at Lymans Sunday morning and didnt hook a single gill or speck...Did manage to hook into a handful of those 22"-27" pike though on my ultra-lite. The people I spoke with said there luck with the panfish was about the same as ours. I must have seen 100 flags sunday,were do the gills go when the gators are cruising like they did on sunday???See you next week-end.
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