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Petition to SAVE WATERDOG!!

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Rumor has it that the Outdoor LIfe Network (OLN) is considering cancelling "Waterdog"

It is one of my favorites. Click the link and sign the petition if you, like me, do not want to see this show go away!

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what was kinda funny was that you can add comments, so I say "if you're going to cancel one... cancel Billy N' Buck. that in itself isn't so humorous, but when you looked at the other comments.... it was kinda funny to see how many people LIKE this show (waterdog) and really HATE "BILLY N' BUCK"!!!

Seems like they're barking up the wrong tree to me.

if anything, get rid of all that Bicyling Europe/ Snob Sailing 3 hr torture fests they put on. I hate that stuff!!:D

look at some of these comments... this is just a sample from the last page (there's a ton more!)

Christian York keep the show it's great maybe even add some more like it.
212. Jim Holland Great Show-don`t cancel it!

207. Kevin Patterson most realistic and down to earth duck hunting program perid.

My Personal Fave...
206. Jacob Przepiora Take Billy and Buck off the air. "or just keep Buck"

205. Russell Brzezinski this show is great and much better than "billy N Buck"

204. Tyler Holland This show is great. Justin and Yella make an unbelievable duo and the show actually shows realistic hunting situations and dog handling. Also the producers do an excellent job of making the show a joy to watch. My wife is not big into hunting shows but she enjoys this show just as much as I do.

203. keith curlin Cut that piece of crap “Ducks with Billy and Buck”. He's a joke, and his comments and statements make him look like a buffoon that started hunting two weeks ago.

202. Michael Curreri I really enjoy this show. My lab likes it too!

197. Len Ames Billy and Buck should go before Water Dog

193. Jon Cochran Why not cancel Billy and Buck before Waterdog. Billy and Buck are yo yos

192. MIke A. White Waterdog is the best show on OLN hands down.

189. Mark Mensh a great show. one of the few.

188. Andrew Puls Love the show, get rid of ducks with billy and buck before you ditch waterdog.

186. Paul M. White Lose Billy and Buck and those silly "reality" T&A shows. If I want that crap, I'll watch the networks.
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