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Pere Marquette River Report 12-28-03

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Hey folks! Sorry about the huge lapse in reports there, but the holidays and some fish fever caught up with me. I don't have a bunch of time to report today either, so I'll have to make this one brief.

Just prior to x-mass I had a couple of slow half days on the water with clients. This was, I found out later, primarily due to some knowledgeable anglers ahead of us hitting what aggressive fish there were in most holes/runs just prior to our arrival, but also a bit of a learning curve as a factor as well. We did manage a few trout for our efforts and a nice, but beat up, lake run brown on day one with brothers Dave, Todd and Mike. These guys were a blast to be around and I hope we get the chance to do it again.

A large lake run.

I spent the next several days after that just hanging out with my grandson Baile and then having x-mass with the family. Ours was a fine one and I hope everyone else had a great time as well. On the 26th I had to work the morning shift at the shop, but I sent Taz out with friends John and Scott in the boat early planning to catch up later. I had a feeling the fishing would be great and couldn't wait! It was the first of several warm days in a row and we had a good rising barometer.

Turns out I was right about the fishing and by the time my cousin Mark and I caught up with them, they were already content with the day. Without getting into specific "numbers" I'll just say that we finished up having a double digit day on full grown Steelies and caught a few skippers to boot. The bite was definitely on, here's a couple of the fish...

Scott with net man John and a nicely colored male.

A small skipper.

I landed this nice hen right after having my butt handed to me by a monster buck.

Needless to say, I didn't get photos of all the fish, but even if I did, it would take too long to load. It was a fantastic day with great friends and we decided to do it again. The next morning at a little after eight am we were launching once again. It was apparent right away that the traffic would be much heavier, but we stayed the course and took what runs and pools we could get. It was an absolutely beautiful day out and there were tons of people enjoying it, but the bite was not quite the same as the day before. I'm not sure if it was the extra traffic, the falling barometer or the fact that we had already sore mouthed a significant number of the fish in this area the day prior, but we only stuck about half the amount of Steelies this day and lost all but one of the better ones.

We all caught a few trout as well, but Scott went on a serious roll for a while catching them one after another. We had some real fun stops and it was all in all another great day on the water. I was planning on going with the guys again today, but wound up having to work the shop instead. Taz, on the other hand, had no qualms about hopping in the truck with them this morning and heading off to the river without me. His "uncle John" is one of the only people I would even dream of letting take him, and he always has a great time. Here's another photo or two from yesterday...

One of Scott's Browns.

I was still kicking myself for having foul hooked a medium sized buck when this nice hen hammered my stonefly.

I'll be fishing again the next two days for sure with John and other friends and then every day I can after that. Even with all the fish in the system this year there doesn't seem to be as much interest in guided trips half day or full, so I've decided to take it upon myself to make every effort to catch every single one of them! (Releasing them of course, just a little bit wiser for it... ;^) I've got to go now and look over a spring order, but before I do, I want everyone to know that I have gotten your letters! Many of you have not gotten any kind of a reply from me yet and I'll try and get something out the next time I'm stuck in the shop. More than likely that will be Wednesday and I'll post another report then also. Till then, tight lines!
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It was good to finally meet you this morning. Quix and Ikinda did a run and gun on the mid section, without turning any heads.
I can guarentee that no fish were harmed by either of us today.It was a much need time for father and son to get together and do something they both love. Although the fish didn't give any excitement, we both enjoyed the solitude and excellent scenery.
hope to make it to your area again in the next few weeks, for some more r&r.

If you would post some info on the half day/full day trips and perhaps I/we can start saving for one.

I fished the PM yesterday in a mid section and found no takers on spawn and waxies. I also talked to a guy who was pulling in his boat at the access and he had no luck. He did say another guy on the river he talked to caught a steelie and a pink salmon. I found that a bit odd but I have seen stranger things!

The surprising thing for me was that not even the trout were biting... I got a few nibbles and that was it. The weather was great and it was nice to be the only person on that stretch of river the entire day!

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