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OK... First off, Stuart helped me out with a photo posting problem I was having this morning so here are a few of those pictures from Bob's wedding I've been promising, the location was a beautiful resort/castle near the Catskills. (And Woodstock.) A bunch of us rented an entire bed and breakfast in the valley then Bob and Julie provided us with a school bus and driver to take us up and back, here is the first look we got from the bus.

The bus view...

The light was bad for this photo, but here's one of Bob and I just moments away from the big event on a balcony that overlooked a mountain lake or reservoir. (Not sure which.) That thing was absolutely loaded with huge trout! It's a good thing I didn't have a fly rod with or I might have missed the wedding and reception...

Moments away.

This one speaks for it's self. The wedding, reception afterward and party at the B&B were all very well put together. Simply put, it was a great weekend and two people that were meant for each other are now permanently attached!


As most of you know Karen and I took our time getting to and from the wedding, so I was gone for a while. Not long after my return I managed to blow my back out while working on a deer blind out at Bob's place and that then caused me to give up three guide trips and stay home during the Cleanup/Steelhead outing. Luckily, I was on my feet and feeling well enough to be there in the morning then participate in the after party we threw at my place.

We had around thirty people show up at the shop at eight am for the group photo, (Only 29 pictured as Waterwolf (Dave) was in the head! :^) there were at least six other participants that I know of that were already on the water and at least another five or six people that showed up right after most had left making our total at somewhere above forty people. Just about everyone that was here for the photo managed to get a ride for the day in a boat and a big thanks goes out to those folks that took them along.

Part of the crew.

Unfortunately, it got very cold the night prior to the event and it caused the water temp to drop fairly hard, with the amount of fish in the system I'm sure more fish would have been caught otherwise, the water was in great shape besides the temp. As it was, about a third of the boats out managed to hit several fish along with filling some trash bags. Most of the success on the fishing front was had on hardware or bait, but I know of at least four fish that were hooked on flies for sure. By the time people started showing up at my place I had a decent fire going and Speyday (Ken) was hard at work preparing what can only be described as a feast that we are all very thankful for. Here's some of the early crew at the fire before it really got going!

Getting the fire started.

It was a very cold night to be outside and I was certain that most of the activity that evening would eventually be in the house, but the fire kept getting mysteriously bigger and warmer. It was so bright that my other photos didn't come out very well, but to give you an idea it kept 27 people at one count warm standing and sitting around it when the outside temp was in the teens. The conversation and all of the people were great, you are all welcome at my house anytime! Having a full eclipse of a full moon was a great bonus... There were many other people that brought various goodies from super cookies to home made wine and beer, too many to remember and thank individually, so know that it was appreciated. Thanks again to all of you from all of us here at BBT and especially from the river it self for showing up and helping out.

Ken (Speyday) and I spent the next morning cleaning up after the party and then I spent the rest of it and most of the next two finishing things up around deer camp. FINALLY, yesterday, after what HAS to be my longest stint in years of not being on the water I took a trip with anglers Terry and Steve. Laid back is the only way to describe these guys... Terry is retired, but works for Gates part time in the summer, he and Steve have been fishing together for a long time. This was probably the first trip I ever took when the guys said "We don't care if we actually catch a fish, we're just glad to be able to spend some enjoyable time on the river." and I actually believed them. I, on the other hand, did care!

It didn't take too much to get these guys fishing and to make a long story short, even though we didn't exactly hit it hard we did hit it hard enough to get whopped by three Steelies (all pretty nice with one in the double digits.) before landing a fourth more typical fall fish. We don't know what the third fish took but the others were on a natural hex, an orange egg and a chartreuse egg in that order. We saw a lot of fish that we didn't get as well and spoke with some other anglers also hooking a few. The water was back down to low, but had a nice slight stain. All in all just a wonderful day with two great guys, it felt awesome to be back on the water...

A nice fall hen.

I'm out again tomorrow with a father and sons. It's primarily an educational trip for the boys so I'm sure we'll accomplish that goal then, with any luck the cold snap today and tonight won't shut 'em down much and we can put the guys on a few fish as well. After that it's out to Bob's place and deer camp for a few days, I'm not out on a trip again until the 19th, but am certainly willing to take some more on a number of days yet this month and for the rest of the winter. Give us a shout at the shop (1-877-422-5394) for openings, Herb has a number of them as well. To all of you going out fishing or hunting, good luck, tight lines and straight shots!
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