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Well after working on adapting my 14'er so I can easilly launch and load with very little effort,I finally got a chance to get my boat out(with wifes help) yesterday morning and for the first time the Toledo light and Windfinder were correct at 5a.m.....W/SW winds 5 mph gusting to 12mph so I knew if I stayed in close to shore (Luna Pier) I would be ok. Best thing thats happen to me in awhile.
HUGE PERCH in 6-9 ft of water near the pier. We had beautiful shiners from the place of Summit St. in Ohio. We started out catching huge Shephead and kept moving. We finally caught a 9.5" yellow perch and from then on we had action for a solid hour. We ended up with 36 that were all 9" or better (pics later)with one 12.5".
I must say that years ago, I was forced to fish in close down in Ohio on a hot hot hot day and caught jumbos in very shallow water. ALL of the fish were very cold to the touch so I think they are comming in to feed on bugs??
Keep your hooks DRAGGING the bottom and stay in CLOSE,save gas and report to us your success. ENJOY

P.S I purchased a HF elect. winch with remote cord and have 4 guide on poles so Im able to just back trailer down, hook winch to the 3' piece of cable I keep on my bow hook(NO bending over), and with my bow and stern lines I walk the boat right up and hit the button.....It worked great!
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