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Perch 2-15

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I was glad to be able to fish with my buddies mcanes1, his son Nick, and Joeker51 again, only this time it's not salmon, it's perch. Saw some beauties!! Most were just windowshopping but we all got some. Just before dark they started to actively feed(for me). Saw a nice sized musky again, with a large bulge in his belly. Gills just didn't cooperate today, but got 30 perch or so, half of them nice. A little cold, but nice otherwise and good company too.

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Hey ficious,
If U don’t mind… please share the wealth and tells us where U B gettN em, how many FOW, what colors workN fer U, etc?
Tanks. We can all win if we works 2gether when hunting perch!
Harry, Blake is out right now and they got 40 perch each. I'm taking off Thursday and going out to Gino's. Call tonight from Guy from Spencer oil, he got 70 yesterday after 2:30pm in the dredged areas leading into the boat marina just north of the DNR
Most weekends I'm chasing browns or steelies through the ice and haven't icefished LSC in better that 15 yrs. Ficious talked me into chasin perch and this was the first time I had to worry about running out of minnows in a long time. At one point I was even getting selective about what to keep and what to throw back. How often does that happen ? Walked away with 32 perch and a lot of memories. Man was it worth it !:D Ficous...YOU DA MAN !! Just couldn't believe the size of the ones that were window shopping. Just unbelievable. The only thing better was the company and meeting Mcanes1 and son.
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Welcome to the site John! John is a long time friend and salmon fishing buddy out of Port Sanilac. Lots of good people here. Good place to share info and stories. Won't be able to make it to Fairhaven Thursday, they got me back on 12 hrs. Let me/us know how it goes. Good Luck!


Glad you gave it a try. LSC has lots of perch like those, and right now Gino's area is hot too, and as John said, Fairhaven is too. You had a very nice "average" size fish too. You seem to have parked right on the hotspot first thing.

Does this make up for the Catfish????? You are more than welcome to join me on the boat when the water gets soft again.

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Hi John, saw your post and wanted to welcome you to the best site on the net. You know me as 'Appointment' (Rick) out of Sanilac. I would be interested in giving the perch a go out of Genos on Thursday. How about sending me a Private Message (go to the bottom of this reply and click the pm link) and let me know when and where.
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It might make up for the catfish but the title of CATFICIOUS shall remain.:D We'll have to do it again. That's the first time I didn't get the the third degree from the boss by showing her the evidence.;)
Hey Joe,
It was nice meeting you too.
Shoot me a p.m. the next time you go to Lexington. I'd like to get that skunk off my back one of these days.
Thanks Harry, we had a blast. The only time Nick didn't talk about the fishing was when he fell asleep on the way home.
I'm going to email you a pic from a guy I work with. He lives just outside Windsor (Belle River) on LSC. He just lost his boat rack to it.
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I got the email. After all these years, it's still amazing how much force the ice can muster. That is some thick ice to be shelved like that.
Had a good time too, we'll have to do it again. I won't be out til the 29th, too much work.


Ya build bridges your whole life and they don't call you a bridgebuilder, but catch one catfish.................

Are you ready for the next trip??

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I'm ready, anytime. Having a hard time getting in the flow at work right now. Too much fishing.
mcanes1, Joeker 51,

Check you PM's

Come on now ficious. Tell me, how many guys you know can catch a catfish while trolling for salmon in 86 ft of water 54 ft down? Only a pro catficious hunter could pull that off ! Catch one catfish................:D

After Sunday I hear the perch calling me in one ear but then again I can hear the brown's whispering to me in the other. Tough decision.
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Hey Harry and Joe,

I just logged Nick on as a new member.
His user name is fish fanatic jr..
Hey Rich, no can do tomorrow. I still planning on fishing Sunday though. Let me know if you want to meet either at Lexington or St. Clair.
Sunday is a no. The war dept. frowns down on consecutive Sunday fishing trips.
I'm going to hit Crocker on Saturday afternoon.
Welcome to the site Nick, been kinda busy the last few days. So many jigs, so little time.

Well my war dept will be at the hospital on Sat afternoon doing her internship. I'll see if can can get a sitter.
I'll probably be out around 1:30, I've got Nick's BB game first.
Are you sure about tomorrow?
Yeah to many programs launching right now. Can't make it.
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