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A question about peeps? Has anyone used any of these peeps with the yellow around the peep hole? Or the RED HAWK peeps? Or are these the same? Do these do anything to improve your sight or is this just a selling tool?

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i dont know what your talking about?!?!
o wait nvm I got it!!I had to look it over
You know funebonz- peeps are those little yellow marshmallow chickens you get for Easter:D

Christian, I'm not familiar with either, but I have a peep sight on my bow. I would think the yellow would help if you don't have cross-hairs in the peep( allowing for centering easier). However, I have poor vision in my right eye and can't use a peep during prime time when the sun starts setting or early before the sun rises above the trees. Become real limiting for me.

Just a thought. Jody
A peep has a great ability to enhance accuracy, and if you shoot with your proper eye dominance, you should be able to shoot with both eyes open, which allows for you to shoot, with a peep, as late or early as you can possibly see the deer.

If your peep eye is not your dominant eye, I'd sell your bow and switch hands.

I've found that any glare or brightness on the peel will detract from your ability to see your target. I feel it is no difference in why the inside of a rifle scope housing is black. It is important for you to see your pin...not your peep sight. You need to see through your peep, not the peep itself.

The use of a peep, together with a consistant release hand anchor point, as well as a consistant nose to string contact point will give you the "3-point" anchor system that will give you the best accuracy. I use a very large hole for hunting, but a fairly small hole for target. Even with the large hole though, your head is still positioned in the proper spot to complete your 3-point anchor.
NorthJeff - good points about consistency and anchor points, thanks. I've played around with different peeps, colors, etc but haven't found much difference. Don't get me wrong, for me a peep sight is mandatory, I'd be lost without one. It's just that I haven't noticed a difference between the different styles of peep sights. A larger opening has helped as I've gotten older, but it's still tough for me to get a good sight picture in the low light conditions. Regardless of the color or finish, you can't see through the peep and it's going to block some of the light from getting to your eye. A few years ago I took out the peep sight and put some wrappings on the string where the sight had been to use as a reference/anchor point. I just couldn't get used to it. Maybe I should have given it more time.

John E.
I've found a large peep site, coupled with a large tritium pin is a great combination for low light. The pin is very large and wouldn't make a good 40 yard pin, but it is very adequate for 20 yards, and when the light is low, it really works it's magic and actually becomes a much smaller pin as the outside portion cannot be viewed in low light. It may help you out if you haven't tried it. Also, the see-through peep, such as the Tru-peep hunter is a great peep and when you use it with a loop it pulls around to the correct position every time, even if your string happens to stretch. The Tru-peep is also extremely light, only reducing your fps by about 2. On the contrary, I've seen some of the rubber-band large peeps reduce speed by about 12fps...huge difference!
As with anything there are pros and cons. I changed peeps as part of a complete change in set-up so I can attribute some personal difference to other variables.

After using an amber peep for a couple of seasons now I really appreciate how readily I can acquire a target in low light. I also like that I can see around the peep which allows me to see the 'attitude' of the animal. Shooting with both eyes open aids in both of these areas.

On the flip side. Having a larger sight opening also means that I have to concentrate harder on alignment and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who fights target panic. It occasionally causes me to waiver on my focal point, and for me the only way to avoid a moment of indecision is increased target shooting.
NorthJeff, thanks again for the advice. Although I've tried several different peep sights I broken down and bought the fancy pins. You converted me! When I replace my string I'll check out the Tritium pin.

John E.
NorthJeff, While that may be some sound advice, my comment was merely reflecting my situation in the fact that, While I've always loved peeps, I can no longer use one due to low light conditions.

Its not a matter of eye dominance, it's attributed more to failing eyesight. I have astigmatisms in both eyes, which doesn't allow light to pass through the eye like most people.

So what happens is during the first half hour and last half of legal shooting hours, the peep and pin both create shadowy dark spots and I can no longer see the target. Lit pins are even worse due to the exaggerated glare.

Like I said I've always loved the accuracy of the peep. But for me, I'll have to try to find something else that doesn't block any light to my eye.

Anyone know of any new gadgets on the market that may work?
BTW hunting is legal for blind people in Michigan, so in a few more years I may need to borrow someones eyes:eek: :D Jody
I took my peep sight off 3 years ago and never looked back.

I shoot just as well with a peep as I do with out.

Alot of people never give it a try.

I agree with McCoy.

I used a peep for 20 years having taken it off 2 years ago. I would say that if you want good accuracy with the minimum amount of practice, use the peep. If you want to be able to take shots in lower light, take it off and use a glow pin. I forget the name of the pin but it is not a fiberoptic pin. It glows all the time. Someone here will pipe in the the real name. However, you must shot a lot to be equal to a peep sight shooter.
While no peep maybe necessary as age catches up with you, as it will most everyone at some point I'm sure, your accuracy can be increased substantially with a peep, so if your eyes allow it, and you can see your pin...use a peep.

Always go for optimum accuracy first, and then drop back if you have to because of your eyes. I do have good eyes, probably even for a 34 year old, but the way I set my hunting bows up allows for me to shoot a deer, if I can see it, no matter what the lighting conditions. I know guys around 60 that can and do the same.

Simply, if you can get away with using a peep...do it. The rewards of accuracy are far to great to give up unless you have to.

What is your current site system set up?

For the past 14-15 years I've used some type of tritium pin, with the largest peep site made by Tru-peep, or a similar sized hole. There are also a couple of peeps on the market that have various sized holes in inserts that can be screwed in and out of their peeps to change the size hole. Those type of peeps are nice in that if you want to use your bow for some target league and experience optimum accuracy, you can just use a smaller-holed insert. But, for hunting, I actually take the entire insert right out so that the hole is the largest it can be.

With a large-holed peep, and a decent tritium pin, you can basically shoot any deer, as long as you can see it well enough to shoot with your eyes.

A lot of guys don't like the large tritium pin, but I've found they seem to last they longest, and once light fades, you only see the glass portion of the pin that houses the tritium, making it a much smaller sight pin. When that pin is just used as a 20 yarder, it is still more than adequate to allow for consistant accuracy. At 40 yards it wouldn't be too great, but at 20 it's just fine. No batteries, no long wires to break, no switches to turn on or off, just a nice, dull, glow that can be seen from 20-30' away in the dark.

For my 30,40,or50 yard pins I like a very small fiber optic. Right now I'm using a Tru-glo sight, with a Tru-glo tritium pin. The brightness is OK, but I may try and figure out a way to stick a large tritium head back on just to make sure I can see in any situation no matter what.

I used the same set-up for 7 years. I removed the peep two years ago and found that I could see to make a good shot with a little less light, however I did loose some accuracy.

This year I am either going to put the peep back on or try a scope. I hav'nt made up my mind. Scopes (especially a good one) are to expensive to try and not like.

Ever try a scope? If so what did you think?
Your probably referring to a scope like a rifle type scope or red-dot?

I've used all kinds of other shooting scopes for 3D competition..most with a 4X lens and Med. sized peep hole.

Have you tried a large peep hole? Like I said, I'm sure at some point my age will catch up to my sighting methods, but if you can use a peep and get away with it you might as well. At the same time though, if you have a very firm anchor point with your release hand, and touch the string to the tip of your nose, it won't be that bad. It is very critical to touch the string to the TIP of your nose though, and not the side, especially without a peep. Any movement forward or back on the side of your nose will cause inconsistancies in the elevation of your shot. By touching the tip of your nose you at least minimize this problem. But still, even with the string touching the tip of your nose, you can push your head up or down a little bit enough to still keep the string on your nose, but not be able to see cleary through a peep. That effects your shot greatly. That is why the peep helps so much. If you have a very firm anchor point with your release hand, and have a tight anchor on your nose(a fairly firm position), you should be able to do fairly well.
I do agree with Northjeff Itried three different peeps and did not see alot of differiance.What I did find very helpfull was puttind glow in the dark tape around my sight housing for better centering in low light and battery powered fiber optic pin sights

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