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Park Stickers

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Just a reminder - if you don't have a 2004 State Park sticker, you'll need one now. I never thought much about it until this weekend. I fished out of Muskegon State Park and the DNR was issuing tickets at the launch when I came in. I could tell she checked my truck since the snow was cleared from that portion of my windshield - she also gave me a break since my sticker was a 2003 and I didn't get a ticket - I really did think that the expiration was the same as a fishing license, can't really say why though. So, now I've got my new park sticker:) When do ORV stickers expire? I just bought one in Dec for my ATV (for ice fishing) but it was a 2003. The clerk at Meijers didn't offer up a 2004 sticker and along with my line of thinking on the park pass, I figured it would be good for a few months:confused:
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I don't know about ORV stickers, but the DNR access stickers run Jan 1 till Jan 1
Your good on the ORV, it doesn't expire until 3/31/04.
Thanks for the reminder. These are better than pying a $3 daily pass. In the long run, alot cheaper.
That's good to hear - thanks. Man I wish there was just one date to worry about. I just got my new "good forever" trailer plate - I know it's a matter of some debate, but I'm happy to never have to worry about it again.
Thanks for the heads up. Just another reason this site is so valuable.;)
I agree with the date thing, It would be so much easier if everything were scheduled on the same fiscal year except for the crowding when everyone tries to renew at the same time.
New drivers license, fishing license, auto and trailer plates, orv sticker, etc. etc. etc. all issued at the same time, could all be renewed on your birthday. Make it possible to renew everything at one place too.
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