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Pals,with new orange collars

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I took my pals out for the opener to a cut corn field saturday, set up by 7:30,left by 9:00,racing bud to the left,nieghbor to the right,13 came in,the instant the shooting stoped all I herd from the right was that bird has somthing on its neck,I looked to my left and said to shane what about yours?he replies what do you meen?I said go get your birds,50 yards later hes jumping up and down yelling you da man,you da man,John screaming I dont believe it,unreal,this is the best hunt ever!!2nd year for both,I didnt get any jewlery but the looks on thier faces was worth a million collars,besides I have an orange one,white one and a green one with a radio recevier on it so I cant complain to much.The best part is they both wear glasses so I told them to keep thier faces in the elimtnators till I said killem,I saw the collar to my far right and prayed john would to,he never saw it and ended up getting it anyways,I was keyed on my birds and shot first,I saw Shanes falling with an orange streak so I knew what was up,day 2, just John and I, ended up with 3,no jewlery.
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Shane Hudson? (AKA- Hunting Horseman?)

Make sure you post up where they were banded - it's interesting stuff to see. Was the coding the Same? -X-U or different letter codes?
Call me a band slob, whatever...

but I always look over the flock for collars. I saw the white bib collar as they came working in on the first pass - shot him. It's obviously more difficult to pick out the leg irons, but we have some video of a hunt at a GMA where we had already limited out and I was playing with a flock just for fun. I got them to settle right into the rig and you can clearly see the band on the gooses leg as it was back peddling in. kinda neat.

I can also say it can be tormenting as well!! had a white one come in this year, saw it, called it out to my buddy. we worked the flock and at one point, it was just on the fringe of getting a face full, but they were lookin' good, so we said the infamous line... "give them one more pass" I'm sure we've all been there! Yup, they slid downwind for final approach and then, they just buggered off. I still see that one in my dreams!!

to your comment out 2 3/4" shells - I'm a firm believer in "it's the shooter, not the shot". I probably shot 1/2 my birds this year with 2 3/4 3's and early goose when I wasn't shooting my 20, I shot 2 3/4" 1's. it's steel on target that kills and I think that some people think that "more is always better". More can sometimes mean "slower" and more steel off target is just as clean of a miss as the next load. (or worse an arse shot)
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