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palmer road 12-28

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Went to palmer rd sunday morning got about 15 perch about 3 inches long and two about 7 inches. Some nice ones in the hole but wouldnt hit my minnow.Ice was about 4-5 inches thick some open water.
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i was out there just before sunset, North of you a few miles and didnt catch a thing

only saw 2 decent perch in 2 hours and they were not hungry

the weather shut em down big time

last time i caught 22 nice eaters in 2 hours...they are there, but we need stable weather
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Heard anything about linwood>?
I drove out to Linwood Rd. yesterday, and what little ice was there didn't look very good, although there was one person out on the ice, but he didn't stay long.
I was at Palmer 12/27 and still have not brought home dinner. Man,you talk SMALL these perch are new born!!! Stopped at Linwood and the results with the people I talked to there were the same. Slow and small.Talked to others who are doing better at the Pine but with the ice as bad as it is and you throw in the river current I hate to go there this early. Does anyone know how to get to the north side of the Pine or is that private? If I do not have to walk across the pine to fish where I prefer I may try close in if it turns cold the next few days. Have seen a few cars park on that side but need alittle info. Thanks and be safe. Dream Catcher
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There is some state land on the north side of the river behind the old fishing shacks, but I've never driven in there so I'm not sure how you get to it. Take a look at this link from the DNR website which is a computer generated map of Arenac Co.


It shows the state owned land in light green, and if you use the tools to zoom in, you can kind of see the roads. Worth a try I guess.
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Just Ducky
Thanks for the info. Will let you know if I find my way or get arrested for trespass. Just kidding!!! Keep em dry. DC
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