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Palmer Rd. Saginaw bay

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Well, this was my first time out this year. I wish I could say it was more productive. Went out on Sagatoo rd Saturday afternoon. Fished till dark. Started out about a half mile or so and worked our way in. Not even a bump. Tried a tear drop with minnows on one pole and a Jack hook on the other. Punched about 30 holes on an angle working our way back to shore. Nothing.

Sunday morning started at Palmer Rd. Same set up, different colors. Started out and worked back, again nothing I saw a few on the ice but nothing to write home about. Went up and tried the Au Gres river. Caught my first fish through the ice........Damn Gobi. That was it. The water was very murky around palmer. I heard of people having luck on the other side of the Pine but I can't confirm. All in all it sure did feel good to be back on the ice.
If anyone had any luck please post

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I agree with tom22,nothing going on over there.Water is murky there also.

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