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Out from Selfridge 7-10-21

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Went out from Selfridge early this morning. Started fishing at 5:45 A.M. in 14 FOW. Picked up two walleyes trolling a chartruese harness with a 2oz. BB at 1.5 sog. Measured 16" & 17". Could not get another one to bite. Tried drifting with a nice East wind, and picked up a lot of small perch. Not any keepers. Went thru 2 dozen crawlers feeding those undersized perch and gave up early. Got small perch everywhere from 15 FOW to 8 FOW as I drifted in towards the Selfridge boat launch. Water was real clean, and lot of fishfly carcasses floating on top. Did not see anything coming up sucking them carcasses in. Was a beautiful day to be out there.
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Never trolled in the main lake. Only in the North Channe and South channel with BB. Can you give me advice on what areas are good to try in the main lake for walleye?
I've done it with good success in several areas of the lake over the years. At the mouth of the Salt river, not too deep either, out in front of Metro Beach in 7-12 FOW, at the Black Creek going into Metro Park, between the channel bouys, out in the dumping grounds and along the edges of the shipping lanes usually near bouys 25-26 & 27-28. Also out by the old Gino's in 8-12 FOW, sometimes out deeper in 13-15 FOW.
The current out in the lake is nothing like the current in the rivers or north-south channels, so 1-1/2 oz to 2 oz bb will work just fine. Try trolling at 1.5 to 2.0 SOG. dragging a night crawler harness. There are times I've been to these places and got a two man -three man limit in a few hours any time during the spring and summer time and even into the fall of the year. Give it a try and good luck!!
Appreciate the great tips
come straight off the spillway, line up the 9 mile tower and Clinton River.

If that doesn't work, go out deeper, line up the Detroit River and Clinton River points, once again straight off the spillway. The Marinas there are good for sighting.
You're welcome. One more location that I missed is out by the 400 club in 10-12 FOW. Anywhere I have fished for the eyes with a harness & BB in the lake has produced for me, but you do have to go out and find them to locate the areas that they are hanging out. All of these spots I mentioned do not hold walleyes every day as you know, just as the spots on the rivers & channels don't. Things could change from day to day or even hour to hour, but yes, trolling with BB & harnesses does work out in the main lake too. Give it a try. Trolling is my favorite way to fish the lake.
Appreciate the great tips
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