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Otter Tagging??

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This is the first year I have trapped beaver in a long time. I caught an otter today. When I went to the guide to check on where I had to go to get it tagged I found no information in the beaver/ otter trapping section on otter tagging.

Are otter tags no longer required?
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Good deal on the otter! You have to take it in to your local DNR office to be sealed...got any pics??
When you check it in you don't have to turn the carcass in but they may ask for it to determine age and other vitial info.
Page 41 in the guide.
Thanks Ray, I just didn't look far enough. Can a CO still get tags like they used to. CO Gene Carrignan would get otter tags for me in years past as it is a long drive from here to any of the places to get them tagged.

Linda, Sorry no pictures. My new digital camera is still in the box. I haven't figured it out yet.
CO's can't in my District, don't know about other Districts.
Thanks Ray
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