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Oscoda lodging?

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I'm heading to Oscoda for three straight days first week of Jan., anybody know of a good place to stay for the night? Not too expensive.
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The Surfside

north of town about 1 or 2 miles, i stayed there last winter fishing. it was like 34 bucks a night i think for a nice room with tv shower bath heat etc.....pretty nice people too. if you find anything cheaper I'd like to know.
My brother uses the Northern Traveller, about 1/2 mile north of Glenns on the west side of 23. I have never been there but he says that the rooms are clean and warm and best of all cheap.
I know of many,my favorite used to be and might still be is the El Cortez,they have one and two bed room cabins with kitchen and fold out sofa beds.they also have two condo's.It's the only resort up there I know that has a indoor fish cleaning station.they allowed me to bring my dog.The two bedroom cabin went for around 50 a nite.The owner Tim died earlier this year and not sure if his wife Terry is still running the place,I know there was a aution this summer but still see both there trucks parked in the lot,not sure if the trucks where sold at the aution or if TERRY still runs the place.I can't think of the name but the place across from the old big boys used to have great rates but no kitchin no fish cleaning.the last couble of times I got a room up there I stayed at the super 8,there rates drop way down this time of year,they have a indoor pool (my kids love) a spa and sauna,great after a cold day of fishing on the river.I've stayed at the surfside in years past that ones not bad either it's across from Glens.IF your bring lady friend recomend Huron House.
there;s alot up there all depends what you want.

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Something cheap, just somewhere to sleep, it's to cold for the car:D ! I'll be on the river all day, so just a place for the night.
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