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We had a good opening weekend with some shooting. Both boys were home but the Mrs had to work. Started off by going to Nayanquing pt Saturday morning. 66 parties and we got drawn 26th. We took a dry field on one of the corners but I had duck full bodies and goose shells with me. Lots of shooting in the rows in front of us that had water. We got 2 teal and 1 woodduck. Didn't see any mallards until we were walking out.

We skipped Sunday which was good as the dog needed to rest up. Note to self work her out more next year.

Monday morning we went to Fish point. 71 parties and got drawn 44th. Just my youngest and the Mrs this time. We passed but then took another dry field. Only had a shot at two kamikaze woodies that almost hit us but we missed the going away shot. Packed up at 9 to make the draw at Nayanquinq for the afternoon. 19 parties and we got drawn dead last. We took one of the blinds that had water and sparse cover. It was very slow to start but then picked up in the last hour. The birds were wary but we managed 1 woodduck and 1 hen mallard. Not much other shooting in our area. It was a good opener and hopefully the season is a good one for everybody. Steve

Oops, I forgot to mention. When we got to the draw at NQP on Monday there was a guy with a hen Canvasback that he got that morning. He said it came in all alone and decoyed right into his spread and that he was in a north field but who knows. Kind of cool to see. S
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