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I had located this boy roosting with 5 other Toms the day before opener. Opening morn, my hunting partner and I set up about 100 yards from where he roosted. We set up in a swale next to an open field. No dekes. Set my partner about 20 yards past me. This bad boy was all by himself, both on the roost and after flydown. He gobbled only 2 twice. All the others had probably been whooped on a time or two by my bird. After he flew down, it took him 30 minutes to cover 75 yards, and the only time he left full strut, was when I clucked to raise his head. I promptly shot him in the face at close to 50 yards. (thank you jelly head choke and winchester supreme XX 5's) He scores over 70 typical using NWTF scoring. My biggest bird by 10 inches! The only bad part about my turkey season, is that it was over at 6:50 am opening morning! Oh, well, I guess it could be worse.
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