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open water at Metro.....

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Went out Sat. Morning (sorry for the late post) for a few hours by the boat ramp at Metro. The perch were there chompin on the minnows. The sizes ranged from about 6-12". Ended up keeping about 10 decent sized ones (8" and up). There wasn't a whole lot of em, but most of them were keepers. The bite was pretty steady, not one right after the other, but, maybe about one every 5 min. or so. Enough to keep me there for a little while. The word was, the people on the docks were catchin' a few dinks.
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Looks like a good place to chase 'em once that freezes by the weekend...:)
Hey GGM, I'll be out by Selfridge Sunday, Maybe we can hook up. Then, if Selfridge is slow, I'm gonna head down towards the marina at Metro. I think quite a few of the members out here will be making a trip out there this weekend. It should be ready by the weekend somewhere, I'm just hoping it's in the lake itself. Black snowsuit, green spud, and a Bud Light in my hand should give away who I am...: :D
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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