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open water at Metro.....

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Went out Sat. Morning (sorry for the late post) for a few hours by the boat ramp at Metro. The perch were there chompin on the minnows. The sizes ranged from about 6-12". Ended up keeping about 10 decent sized ones (8" and up). There wasn't a whole lot of em, but most of them were keepers. The bite was pretty steady, not one right after the other, but, maybe about one every 5 min. or so. Enough to keep me there for a little while. The word was, the people on the docks were catchin' a few dinks.
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If you guys are in the park stop me and say Hi…. I’m the one in the park rig.

There were a good ten guys out on the end of the docks yesterday.

From what I heard I was out of town, but it sounded like they were hitting them real hard over on the boat launch over Christmas. Even caught word that the dnr caught two different guys with 50+ perch.
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