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Open field planting

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I have a large field (approx. 80 acres) that is in CRP, that I would like to plant some cover into it near a newly established 10 acre wetland. I was thinking of planting some Norway and White spruce along the neighbors edges for screens and then creating blocks of thermal cover along the edge of the wetland. The area I am looking at planting is approx. 20 acres and I would like to plant most of it into trees, with a few openings. The area I placed the wetland into was commonly used as escape cover and I would like to restore an area for the future.

What can I plant that would give me a real thick santuary since this is a grass field now?

And what are other good tree species that I could plant to help restore this open field to cover?


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I have planted many thousand of red pine LOL. Very little deer browse to them have occured. The white pines I planted many years ago did not make 1 year, the deer took care of that, just my experiances.
Don't worry about deer damage; the deer in Hillsdale County don't know what the hell it is, since it doesn't grow there!
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