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I had the second season for unit K again this year (30th-6th). Had the whole week off so I was feeling pretty optimistic. We don鈥檛 get crap for cell service up there so I didn鈥檛 have a chance to report after my hunts.

Unfortunately it rained 6 out of 7 days that week so there wasn鈥檛 a whole lot of gobbling. My main property always has birds roosting across the road, and they were there again this year but they just wouldn鈥檛 respond. I did find a group of birds on public land and got them to respond a couple times. But they were henned up every time I tried to set up on them.

I ended up hunting all 7 days of my season and really only had 1 decent morning of gobbles. It was pretty quiet the rest of the week. Never ended up taking a shot but it was still a good spring trip. Opened the cabin, prepped 5 trees for deer season, found a shed antler in a scrape, and 300 morels! Unfortunately I also found 2 dead 8pts.

Hopefully you guys have better luck (and weather) than I did!

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