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Okuma reel update

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Okay, I have some information to pass along on the Okuma reels.

I sort of expected that something wasn't right when the prices I was quoted were 50% of retail. That's why I wasn't going to share my source until I'd verified everything. I was right, there was a mistake in the price list and I was quoted prices based on Magdas, not convectors. I doubt even Cabelas gets them that cheap.

That said, I've talked to the guy selling them and he has been very upstanding about the situation. He's honoring the price he quoted to me as I'd already paid him before he caught the mistake, but he's taking a loss on the sale. Obviously it was a one-time deal.

I told him that I had quite a few people interested in reels at discount prices, and asked him what he could do for us on the pricing. The guy's name is Wendell and he runs an online business at http://www.catfishsupplyco.com . He has a very "strong" business relationship with Okuma from what he described, and he's willing to sell them for around $5 profit per reel. The reels are actually warehoused here in Michigan and shipping shouldn't be too expensive. He quoted me for $57.50 for the CN30D's and $62.50 for the CN45D's (those are both the convector models). Shipping would be extra.

If you want those prices email him through his site and let him know that "Dave" sent you. If you want other Okuma products I think he can give you good prices on those too. Okuma is coming out with a new mid-range reel called the star drag which are supposed to be somewhere between the convectors and magdas in quality. Those will be around $10 cheaper for the same sizes. Email him if you want prices on something. Again, he's a good guy and he's not making much on these at all. Retail on the convector 30D's are $80-$85, so you're saving more than 25% here.

I figured this was okay to post as it's not really an advertisement as much as a really good deal I was able to round up for MS.com members.
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Thanks for the update!

Those are about the prices ive seen elsewhere in hunting for bargins. Magda pro dx30s for ~$35, convectors ~$55.

The new mid level reel you mention, is that the catalina? Im looking for info on that reel if anyone has any. Ive heard a couple people mention it as of today. My major questions are, does it have an anti reverse bearing, does it have the same rulidium drag the magda pro dx's and convectors have. Im really interested in an anti reverse bearing for my wire rigs, especially if i can get a couple reels at under $50 each.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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