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OK....there's gotta be a better solution.

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I use a 2 million cp rechargeable spotlight to check the yard for skunks before letting the dogs out. (especially this time of year !)

The battery recently gave out and I tried to purchase just the battery locally.
No luck.

Tried to get one from the battery manufacturer. Sure, no problem...with shipping it will be $4 and change MORE than just going and buying ANOTHER whole spotlight !!
What a concept.

There has to be a supplier who can supply replacement batteries. Anyone else with the same problem?
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Looking for a site I did business with. Try this one http://store.yahoo.com/battstore/index.html
FIJI, I'm not sure what a battery costs but Cabelas and Sears both had their Coleman cordless 2M CP spot lights on sale for $19.99 last week.
FIJI -- just a thot, but if possible, get one that works on 110 also, or only on 110. Gotta be better than having to buy a new spotlight every time the battery is shot.

That happens with a lot of stuff -- for the price of repair or parts, you're better off buying a new one. Waidmannsheil, Dom.
Coleman or other manuf. buy the battery's 100,000 at a time. We can't buy one for the same price there going to get em.
I certainly don't expect the same price break as the manufacturer (their cost is probably about .60/each) but where's the logic that a spotlight cost $19.99 (with a profit margin !) but just the battery cost $22.50 PLUS shipping ?

Seems as many of these spotlights as there are being sold SOMEbody would provide the replacement batteries since they are cheap and do not hold a charge long.

And people wonder why landfills keep filling up! LOL

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FIFI - have you tried www.batteries.com? They say they have batteries for everything. Or, call 1-800-BATTERIES.

Bummer about the Spartans, men and women, in the dance.

Good luck,
John E.
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I hear ya. I've seen cheap color printers for as low as $45 on clearance. The refill cartridges will cost you $60 for both. :rolleyes:
Fiji - Have you checked at Radio Shack for a battery? They have all kinds for stuff like that.

Rupe - Did you know that when you buy a printer that the cartridges that come in them are not 100% full? Its there way of getting you to buy the printer then have to buy the refills!

In general its kinda like this for most things. You can buy the whole thing cheaper than the parts. Ever consider what a car would cost if you had to buy all the parts to put it together? I've bought whole (used) cars for parts just for that reason, cheaper to buy a wreck and pull off what I needed than go buy the parts! I also do that with lawn mowers, snowblowers and snowmobiles!
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sometimes manufacturers make only OEM parts. thats so you have to go directly thru them to get the parts. and most of the time they are way over priced. but, from the way it sounds for $4.00. I'd buy a few to keep in stock. at that price.
been there, done that...no luck !

They just don't stock the right batteries.

Online sources aren't even close. Radio Shack has some that are close (made for alarm systems)...but dimensions won't fit into the spotlight. Even looked into soldering up a batch on my own.

Guess I need to start a business and get rich selling batteries !!
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Well still no luck with the batteries...BUT ,

Just got back from Gander Mtn @ Summit Place (had to check out that lure sale mentioned in another thread) they had Coleman 1,000,000 cp spotlights on sale for......... $7.49 !

Heck, can't even have a battery mailed to me for that price. !!

They had a PILE of them.......so stock up !
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Is there a "Batterys Plus" store near by? I hear they are good.
Went to the Battery Plus on Woodward the other day. They don't have them, but when I told them there should be a market for the batts, they were interested enough to take measurements and specs to see if they can come up with something.

The batts in the Coleman are not compatible with my other lights. But at $7.49, who cares ? LOL
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A better choice all around would be a quality spot lite made here in the USA.

They may cost more but they are made in the USA. NOT AN IMPORT!!!

As I am not a big fan of IMPORTED CRAP that ends up in the garbage anyways :Modified_ , and try to support American made goods when ever possible.

Visit the link below:


(if anybody takes offense :tsk: )
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From your own post:


SAME light.....made in SAME place.....SAME cp...Same options and packaging....is $37.95 ??
(not including S&H, of course)

thats some $20.00 MORE THAN I BOUGHT THE LIGHT FOR IN THE FIRST PLACE picking it up in a local store, !!

What a country !!
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I get tired of hearing guys I hunt, work, and shoot with complain about equipment. And then see the made in China or Sri-Lanka label....... It is a pitiful example of showing pride in ones Sport by buying equipment from some Country that might not even allow the RIGHT TO HUNT! AND I hope that the good people in these Countries have roofs over thier heads and food in thier bellies. BUT I PRAY that the good folks in our Country do as well. We all are not rich. We all do not have money laying around like straw in the dog coup. But many times I have found for 10 to 25% more the 'LABEL' can hang in the hunting locker or on the gun rack! Danner or Schnee boots are one example that Ihold dear to my heart....errrr feet. LOL
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So FIJI, that's the exact same light? And you can buy it locally for $17 ? So for $9 you give up 1mil. c.p.? Is the Coleman made in the US? If it is that is a good deal. But a 2mil. c.p. for the money you said you originally paid is too.
The light in the "Buy American" post is the exact same one I bought ....but LOTS more money.
Unfortunately, the Coleman is not identical to my original light, and thus the batteries are not interchangeable.
I'll still keep my 2 mill version, but for $7 I'll keep a couple of the Colemans handy too.
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