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These are the rules and schedule we will play by this season. Sorry for not getting the dates out sooner.

2015 Rules
• Shot gun at 6 am , all boats need to be with in 1/4 mile of the pier heads and pull lines at Noon
• Weight in 1pm at the fish cleaning station
• We will fish predicted seas of 1-3' or less. (or game day call)
• If small craft advisories are in effect we, will not fish.
• I would like to encourage reports posted from teams after the events.

Communications encouraged on channel 72. Keep it clean for this is a family oriented event.

1. Max of 9 rods in the water at one time.
2. Tourney Fees. 25 dollars for tourney, 5 dollars for big fish.
3. Tourney Pay Outs will be on 20 boats or less
a. 1st place 50%
b. 2nd Place 30%
c. 3rd Place 20%
i. 20+ boats = pay down 4 boats 40%,25%,20%, 15%
d. Tiebreaker will be biggest fish.
e. Big fish is winner takes all of big fish money.
4. weigh a 1 person DNR limit with 10 points per fish and no points for lake trout
5. Max of 3 DNR limits of fish per boat may be kept.
6. Money is due at weigh-in. Gentleman's honor to pay. Please pay if you are signed up. If you are having issues please contact me before 9am. So that I know not to look for you at the scale. If no contact is made you are expected to pay your entry.
7. Start out of the same port as the weigh in.
8. If two members are fishing together, than the boat they are fishing out of gets the point.
9. Follow all other State and Federal Laws. The captain is responsible for his crew. Keep it safe.
10. Blow date will be the following day.
11. No charter Capt. and or current first mates.
12. You do NOT need to fish all events to partake in this league.
13. There will be a trophy awarded as "Points Champion" at the last event to the team that has the highest, 3 accumulative scores no matter how many events are fish , So the more events you fish the better chance you have.

2015 Schedule

May 2 South Haven - Blow Date may 3
May 23 South Haven - Blow Date May 24
June 20 Holland - Blow Date June 21
July 11 South Haven - Blow Date July 12
August 8 Holland - Blow Date August 9
August 29 Holland - Blow Date August 30

With all this said I look forward to seeing as many that can make these, it would be great to see 20-25 boats in each event.
Also this year we have some great sponcers that are doing a great job of donating to this league, and they are as follows so far.
  1. Big Weenie Brand
  2. Silver Streak
  3. Big Pappa Sport Fishing Products
  4. Fish Hawk
  5. Pyle's Port Hole
  6. Lake Shore Tackle And Fire Arms
  7. Big Lake Lures LLC.

There is a couple others that I have calls out to that Im waiting of responses from also.
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