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Official Frankfort Thread 2022

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Scratched my silver fish itch today at the Grand.
I can't wait to be beating the hell out of KANGS!
Can't come any sooner!
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I recommend the Canon dual axis. They are kodiak bears.

I have 2 ratcheting Traxstechs, 2x3 Traxtech trees, 5 Canon Dual Axis and 4 Big Jon holders on my boat. The Canons are by far the best IMO. When fingers are cold (and/or gloved) - the Traxtech knob is hard to pull.
The single axis are $91 & the dual $99. I figure, if yer gonna be a bear, be a Grizley!!
I'll be out there tomorrow evening John. Hoping temp is not down 100' like last Tuesday.
Is it just me, or do I see a weather window for tomorrow p m?? Hmmmm
Meat behind silver green doctor down 85 just took a big one.
Last night I went 3 for 6 solo. Lost 2 really big fish. Flies and meat near bottom.
Food Vertebrate Seafood Grey Fish
This is why I often fish solo. I will not wait!

Decades of me leaving the dock on time thinned out a lot fishing buddies. One of the few I have left, once rolled into my marina just in time one 4am. He had locked himself out of the truck at a gas station on the way. Rather than wait for a cop w a slim jim he smashed a window w a rock so he wouldn't miss the boat - he knew I was leaving w or w out him. I appreciate that level of commitment in a fishin buddy. BTW, the small rear cab glass on a Ford Ranger cost more than the bigger door or rear glass.
This **** is exactly why I sold my big boat. Like clockwork my partner would ALWAYS be late. Very few things annoy me more than owning a boat and ready to fish but sitting in the lot waiting to launch because of waiting on someone else.
John I thought for sure the red boat a half mile from me who keeps waving a net was you. :)
Took a beating in the dark. 0 for 0 at dawn... can only get better.
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Mag green Hulk spoon on 5 color took a big one.

Broke off giant on plug on dipsy out 70.

Jack on a fly down 60.

Lost a big fish on a plug on dipsy out 100.

Too calm out here.

re the fish still out over deep water?
Headed out this evening.
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60 to 100 fow for me. Temp was 25 to 30' down
Cutting nets, sinking net boats, boycotting casinos or licenses will do nothing but maybe land you in jail. I believe we can fight this legally.

If you do not want to see more gill netting of our fish, please consider signing the petition.... asap!

If you want to donate to help fund the legal fight to protect our fisheries, please consider the Coalition to Protect Michigan Fisheries.

Coalition to Protect MI Resources

Over a million MI fishing licenses are sold each year. I bet most of us hate seeing nets - especially unlighted gill nets. Yet only a tiny fraction of us speak up. If half of us actually do something, we could change this mess. It got this far because people like me thought others would protect our resources - so I just went fishing! Not anymore.

To be clear, some netting imo is reasonable and necessary. We need them so we can eat fish in restaurants and for people who don't fish. Tribal subsistence netting seems reasonable to me. My problem is with whimsically regulated unmonitored netting (especially 'for profit' operations) that could wipe out a fishery and specifically with gill nets. Personally, I also want tiny solar LED lights on all buoys.

It is time to fight the tribes, the DNR, the Feds and anybody else who thinks it is OK to let people, native or not, rape our fisheries. We need reasonable regulations with enforcement! PLEASE ACT on your beliefs!
Thanks Cork Dust. I found that very enlightening!
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