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Official Frankfort Thread 2022

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Scratched my silver fish itch today at the Grand.
I can't wait to be beating the hell out of KANGS!
Can't come any sooner!
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if you don't mind my ignorance, what is the MCAT? And good luck regardless.
Medical College Admissions Test.... Gabe plans to become a doctor. Not too much luck involved, studying hard and remembering a lot of stuff is the ticket. I've known a few people who've gone through med school and become doctors, it is quite the long training program, requires many years of very hard work which not that many are able and willing to go through.
Been out for a couple hours, 1st trip this year, really nice but no bites yet. Sharp temp break at 75-80 ft. Out in 200-230 fow, occasional marks, last one was at 160.
150 fow. No real pattern except everything came on a south troll
North troll: no bags, throttle up,
South troll went from 2.5 to 3.3 at probe, throttle to idle and out bags out to get 2.5.

Big difference between surface and down speed.
Take MC numbers and report to DNR and CG. They will pay them a visit. Especially if you’re able to document the incident. Unfortunately it’s the only way the behavior gets corrected
Cell phone pics!
2-3 ft swells from SW, 51 at 40 ft down. Boats are scattered.
Just got off the water from the bay as well
Only got to fish for about 35 mins before coast guard kicked me off the water bc u need a life jacket to go kayaking apparently :(
But plenty of fish jumpin
Had one Jumo like 2 feet from me
Oh yeah, kayaks and canoes need life preservers, and jetskiers need to wear them.
Finished the night with a 4lb and 15 king. Marked fish right on the edge of the bank mostly 45-60 down. Lost a wire diver, appears the wire broke above the swivel. Also lost a spoon behind a diver, broken leader, never saw the hit. The bigger king came on a Mongolian beef on a 200 copper and the little one on a purple meat rig on a rigger at 60 ft. Pretty slow at the cleaning station.
Anyone know where the temp break is today, heading out shortly and not sure which rods to bring, may just bring them all but it's kinda crowded.
2 for 5 both 18lb kings, lost another good sized one close to the boat after a long battle, looks like a knot gave out, other two lost fish (and one we caught) were on a green NBK spin doctor with green fly... dipsey down about 70. 300 coppers did nothing.
Went 2 for 5 last night, a 13 and 16 lb king. Diver w mag ring back 110 #1 wirh NBK spin doctor went twice, 16#, lost larger one). Rigger down 55 went twice w Mongolian beef. Lost a planer bd, 200 Cu and grn ladderback j-plug when drag seized and backer snapped. Replaced copper with steel for tonight. Was a bit bumpy and wet by sunset.
Guessing it was too rough for most to get out. Buoy says 3 footers right now so it's probably closer to 6's
My experience has been that the buoy numbers seem much more mild than what my eyes see when I go out, based on your comment, it may be I'm not the only one. Anyone else think the buoy is a gross under-rating of conditions, 2X?
When I first started fishing the big lake I thought Noaa measured the wave amplitude and not the total height. Then one day I was watching the bottom on the graph move 8 feet on every wave and wondered why no one else was out there...
NOAA Definition
Significant wave height
Significant wave height is the average of the highest one-third (33%) of waves (measured from trough to crest) that occur in a given period. (NOAA)
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1 for 5 now 🥲
Lost of fish off a slider on a rigger down 70
Moonshine standard carbon spoon
Broke the line :(
Lots of really mean fish out there stealing tackle. Hope they hang around until Sunday when I get a chance to offer them some, looks like waves may be picking up soon.
Out rn
Wavy as **** 2-4 footers
Abt the edge of my tolerance
Too wavy to set dipsys
I’d recommend against going out in anything less then a 22 foot boat
I guess I made the right decision to postpone until tomorrow night, my boat is just under 21 ft and I much prefer not to fish 3-4 ft waves. Hopefully it lays down a bit tomorrow. Sounds like fish are pretty deep. Anybody got the depth on the thermocline?
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Last trip of year last night. Ended 1 for 2 with a 20 lb king, likely lost a coho. Fished 30-60 fow, surface was 55-65, rigger at 22 ft was reading 44F. Both hits were down about 30 (7 color red spoon, dispsey no ring #3 back 60 Kevin's GF last supper fly). Was a decent year, thanks to all the frequent posters, helped me figure things out a little. Next week I'll be switching over to saltwater in SWFL: backwater and offshore, no more early mornings or late nights, the fish keep more civilized hours down there based on tides which change daily. No trolling, just precision casting or bottom fishing. I will miss the screaming drags of the kings here.
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