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Official Frankfort Thread 2022

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Scratched my silver fish itch today at the Grand.
I can't wait to be beating the hell out of KANGS!
Can't come any sooner!
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Can't wait to get up there. You guys are killing me. Be up next Wednesday night thru Sunday. Have a slip and a cabin reserved. I know it's the benzie frenzy but it's the weekend we can all go. Will be our third annual trip this year. Sitting at work and seeing the fish porn is just fueling the fire.
54 hours till we leave to head up for 4 days. Not that I'm counting already or anything.....
4/4 this morning. 3 kings and a coho. All 4 on braid divers. 2 on 11" white paddle with oceana fly and 2 on 10" Kevin's girlfriend SD with hypnotist fly. Fished 110-140' of water. Break was around 50-55 down.
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33# on the scale on the boat. See what the cleaning station scale says later.
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Vertebrate Crocodile Fish Alligator Fin
I was hoping for the same. Our fish hawk quit on us as well as the impeller on the main yesterday. Got the main back up and running but no go on the temp.
Fished tonight from 230' back to the harbor. Solid 2-3' rollers at 5pm when we went out. Not many marks and no hits. Temp was between 55-60' down when we started out in 230'. Saw Gabe in his raft and said hi.
1 - 9 of 1680 Posts