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Made it up from NC last night and bounced (literally) out there this morning. We had a rough start in more ways than one. Started at the dock putting the boat in the water when we notice that we had blown a trailer tire somewhere coming from TC. Only the sidewall and rim left. Then we then set the 100 CU into the wire dipsy that had tripped with the wave action in the dark so we struggle just getting the 6 line spread out to start and missed a good portion of low light. Naturally the one fish we took came during this mess.

Ran up to the point and made just one pass back to the saddle in 125-150. 1-2, 5# king on C14 at 90. Other hit was on same set up.

Had a real sharp break at 80 on the counter. It I would be under 50 degrees at 2.0 at the ball; push the speed up to 3.0 and it would be 62 without moving the rigger.

Really cool full moon that set just before dawn, and then nice early color sun rise. Wish it would have been a little smoother to enjoy it more.

Hoping it settles down for this evening's trip.
Your blowback pushes the ball up higher in the water column so naturally it would get warmer.
1 - 8 of 1680 Posts