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Official Frankfort Thread 2022

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Scratched my silver fish itch today at the Grand.
I can't wait to be beating the hell out of KANGS!
Can't come any sooner!
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You have to find a way around construction and then a way to park around guys who parked the wrong way .....and ovoid the recycle bins in the lot.:rolleyes:
Always worth the effort and if the big water doesn't pan out there may be some great bass fishing in local lakes if we get a warm spell.
It's not who you know it's what they know. I'm really jealous you guys are getting them already, awesome reports.
Three dog down is putting a whipping on them too! Pretty great day out here! He put me in a good spot for that last fish, went to the spot he told me to rigged up a slide diver in within a minute it was Fish on!
I'll open a fish call and drink it. Anything to help the team.
The salmon flu is a serious illness and there is only one known cure.
Call in sick today! No one will ever know!😎
We just were over that way from Frankfort to fish town today and it looks really sporty. Tons of alewives still washing up. Good luck in the morning if you guys make it out. Pulling my boat up next week.
High winds forecasted. If the forecast stays like that I'd pass, but much can change by midweek.
Manual riggers on my boat. My kids hate the deep temp break days!😂 start cranking kids.
We catch salmon in east bay and they aren’t stocked there. People catch fish in Tawas that were stocked in Wisconsin. Fish swim I guess.

We stopped and franks and north woods on the way up John. Both places are well stocked for anyone on the way. Sorry about the wind. I brought the boat up and wind happens on days I’d like to fish. Hopefully soon!
Both my plastic and metal Bert’s that have been on the boat for a long time ratchet up. They do move ip in larger increments but when we get a fish on divers we just pull up and the holder ratchets. May not be the same quality or what you’re looking for.
I need to get some trees for each side
Yes you have to move them down with the lever on the metal ones and button with the plastic. They ratchet up without any lever or buttons. Mine are not my favorites but back when we bought them they were solid. 12 years on them but most of my time is on Erie and Saginaw which is way less hard on the holders than a wire diver and king.

I have a bathroom to gut and remodel may as well do it while it's rough. I may hit the bays and see if any early kings are showing up.
From now on John shall be known as footloose. Nice work!
Did anyone get an actual temp break this morning I’m trying to decide which long lines to pack? We’ll be out this afternoon as well.
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2-3 big king came on bloody nose and 10 color:
Water Sky Smile Boat Shorts
Just the one big king in the box for us. Dead flat lots of boats. Lost a coho…..tossed back a jack. Boat next to us had a triple on. One jackass just trolled east and west through the pack and had a talking to on the way by. He had to have gotten someone’s lines
20 minutes to the dnr launch or Linwood. An hour to tawas......great place to land John. Good luck with the new rig.
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