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Got a massive gripe against a Charter Capt up there this morning. My two oldest boys and some friends booked a trip months ago for this morning. Both work construction and could have worked yesterday and today making OT. Instead they hauled north three hrs yesterday with there travel trailers to camp overnight.

Charter called it off today. The reason? His “spot” is a twelve mile run and he didn’t want to get caught in any storms coming in. 1/2 day charter.

Sorry, but WTF? End of August and he won’t fish other than to run to the Manitou Islands? If he doesn’t want to deal with Frenzy traffic, then he should have been up front at the time of booking and told them if conditions weren’t ideal he was going to cancel. They would have booked with someone willing to take them out short of small craft advisories.

What kind of Charter that fishes out of Frankfort has only one spot? I ran a boat out of there for years, spent thousands of hrs on the water actually, and know that to be successful you have to adapt, especially in August when the flips start happening.

To add insult to injury, my sons grabbed their rods and hit the North break wall last night and watched a couple fish landed in the 1/2 hr they were out there, but they came in to sleep in anticipation for their charter this morning. If the guy would have canceled last night at least they could have fished all night.

Pretty sure the guy knew yesterday he wasn’t going to honor his booked trip for today.
That's BS. Name drop who it is.
1 - 3 of 1680 Posts